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Jason Kidd reacts to the new Giannis book in which he is heavily criticized: '“Did he write it?”

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Jason Kidd became Dallas Mavericks' new head coach, and on Friday, Kidd gave an interview for Yahoo Sports in which he also reflected on the criticism he received after it was found out about his mistreatment of the Bucks players when he was their head coach. Details about his leadership came out in the most recent book Giannis: The Improbable Rise of an NBA MVP" in which the public was able to find out about the way he mistreated a lot of the Bucks players during his tenure with the team.

The reporter asked Kidd to respond to criticism from the book in which several stories depicted his poor treatment of players. The most notable instance was when Kidd ordered the players to practice on Christmas, which was entirely uncalled for and initiated many backlashes.

Kidd said he didn't read the book and didn't intend to do it since, according to him, it wasn't even Giannis who wrote it.

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I'm waiting for Giannis for when he writes it. I'm aware of [the book], but if it's not from Giannis, I won't pay attention to it. That book, or whatever everybody wants to make a big deal about. I mean, he didn't write the book.

Jason Kidd, via Yahoo Sports

Several ex-Bucks players were quoted in the book and describing Kidd's coaching style as psychological warfare. Apparently, Giannis was also dissatisfied with Kidd as a head coach and had several stints in which they didn't seem to find common ground on how to co-exist within the team. Kidd said that simply isn't true because he still has a good relationship with Giannis that is beyond basketball.

There are no feelings about it because it was not Giannis' book. The cool thing is my relationship with Giannis goes beyond basketball. "I talked to him a couple of hours after his son was born. Cool little name, 'Maverick. See, you guys didn't know that. That's how close we are.

Jason Kidd, via Yahoo Sports

The truth is always somewhere in the middle, and we can only guess what some of the Bucks players and Giannis really think of him as a person and a coach. His coaching stint with the Bucks didn't last too long, and now, with the Mavericks, Kidd has another opportunity to prove he can be a head coach with an NBA team like the Bucks a few years ago hoping to win a championship. In the meantime, maybe Kidd learned a thing or two from his past mistakes that he won't repeat now when coaching Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, and the rest of the Mavs players in the upcoming season.

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