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Jared Dudley spends nearly $20,000 a year giving away NBA tickets to fans

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Not all heroes wear capes, and Jared Dudley is a living proof for that statement. For years now, Dudley is one of the players in the league that is continuously involved in buying tickets for NBA games and giving them out to fans. Nothing changed when he joined NBA the Los Angeles Lakers and is still giving out tickets to all the fans that make the request. Dudley personally goes through each of the applications and is very much involved in the entire process.

There's hundreds to decide from. I go through all of them. People think I don't. I go through all of them. Whatever touches the heart that day."

Dudley said he is aware of the fact, a lot of fans can't afford tickets, which is something he easily relates too. As a kid, Dudley also didn't have a chance to watch an NBA game live in the arena, and he's aware of the big fanbase the Lakers have and inability some fans can't attend games.

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"Just being a basketball fan growing up, I never got to go to NBA games, so I know how, when I went to one my senior year in high school, how exciting it was to kids who can't afford it, or people who are diehard Laker fans. Just trying to bless fans, whether it's military, anniversaries, whatever is put on my heart to want to do. For me, it's something that was natural, and just something that I wanted to do my entire career, just be in a position to give back."

The Lakers have one of the biggest fanbases in the entire league, so Dudley's initiative is more than welcomed. It's unbelievable he is the one who is taking his time to go through all the requests fans send him and makes sure the fans receive the tickets for games. We need more people like Jared Dudley in the NBA.

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