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Be honest, all of us have engaged in discussions about who is in the all-time starting lineup. And I bet it got heated for each and every one of you.

It's one of those topics fans love to talk about. It also may be one of the most meaningless discussions in the NBA world. Or in sports in general. To many hypotheticals are involved, and it's impossible to come up with an objective criterium when talking about such things. That's why people get emotional discussing it. That's what subjective discussions do to people.

Even if fans are not discussing it, every now and then, a former player or a celebrity gets asked about it. No matter what they say, and whoever they pick, someone's going to take it personally. As I said, there's no universally accepted answer to it. You almost don't want to read about it ever again. But what the hell, let's see what Jamie Foxx had to say about it.

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My point guard would be LeBron James. I got Jordan at two, Kobe at three. I got KD at four, and I got Shaq at five. But here's the thing, that's my five for the new era. What about the old era? In terms of the rules? I'm going with Magic, Jordan at the two. Imma go LeBron at three, and I need Bird at four. Kareem-Abdul is at five.


Pretty good choice, may I say. Also, kudos to Foxx for actually adjusting to eras. That's another hot topic in NBA circles, and Jamie made it easier on us, giving us his lineups for both sets of rules.

It's one guy's opinion, so don't get offended by it. That's the beauty of it; you can also pick your five and not care about how others feel about it. My mom, who's never watched a single second of NBA game, can also make her selection. And who am I to tell her she's wrong. Even though let's face it, she definitely would be, but I'll let the woman be happy.

It's an area where there's no objective truth, and it's all in the eyes of the beholder. But as I said; that's the beauty of it. So let me hear you, beholders, what do you think about Foxx's picks, and what does your all-time starting five look like. Let the discussions begin!

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