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James Worthy explains why Dennis Rodman would eat Draymond Green alive


It's hard to compare eras of NBA basketball and the best players through history because of the drastic way the game has been changing through time. What was once the way to win and desired among NBA teams may not be so effective nowadays, as you can definitely say some great players from the older eras couldn't hang today. But you can go the other way around and say the same for today's players holding their own in the old-school era.

Worthy compares Rodman and Draymond

A few years ago, James Worthy made an appearance on the Road Trippin podcast and talked with Richard Jefferson about modern players being able to play in his era. Worthy, who was one of the great players of the golden age in the NBA and a core piece of the "Showtime" Lakers from the '80s, knows how tough it was to play then, so who better to judge who could make it.

Aside from some obvious choices like LeBron or Durant, Worthy was trying to name a selected list of guys that would still be as good. From guys like Giannis, Lillard, and Klay, everyone had enough talent in James's eyes. But when the name of Draymond Green came up, Worthy had to stop them for a second and explain why he maybe couldn't do it by comparing him to the legendary Dennis Rodman:

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"I don't think Draymond could handle Dennis Rodman. I really don't. I think he can play, but Dennis had that type of personality. Pound for pound Dennis was the toughest guy, I ever played all the personality Draymond brings, they would eat that up; he would be exposed...Nobody in our era would allow him to do what he does. He gets away with murder out there. The way he kicks, and he's psychical. That wouldn't happen with Dennis, I'm telling you. Dennis would eat him alive."


I have a feeling Worthy shares the same opinion as many fans of the old-school NBA. Draymond is not really everyone's favorite player, with his style and character rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Draymond made his mark on the NBA with his loud personality and ability to do the little dirty things well, rather than being an exceptional talent. That allowed him to succeed, but Worthy doesn't think that would fly in his era.

Back in the '80s and 90s', the NBA was full of tough guys like Draymond that wouldn't be fazed by him or let him do the things he does on the court. A guy like Rodman that is the staple of tough play and hustle for that era, would eat Draymond alive on every level in Worthy's eyes. I'm sure Draymond disagrees, but you have to admit the softness of the game today allowed Green to look better than he really is. If he had to go up against guys like Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley, Charles Oakley, or Anthony Mason every night, the story would definitely be a bit different.

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