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James Worthy breaks down why Damian Lillard will leave the Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard

James Worthy believes Damian Lillard will leave the Blazers

Former NBA player and current analyst James Worthy don't believe Damian Lillard will stay with the Portland Blazers. He broke down what went wrong in the entire process and why Lillard will leave the Blazers to compete for a championship sooner than later.

Blazers are showcasing they can't build around him

It's clear to everyone by now, Damian Lillard is not happy with his situation with the Portland Blazers. After numerous disappointing playoff appearances and countless struggles to surround Lillard with enough assets to make that push into the promised land finally. Unfortunately for him, the Blazers are stuck and even this season failed to bring attractive free agents that could add value to the team and help Lillard take some burden off his back.

Lakers legend James Worthy has been involved with the NBA for the past four decades and has seen it all believes there is no way Lillard stays with the Blazers. He made an interesting point saying Blazers throughout their history were never able to make their superstars happy, using an example of Clyde Drexler. The latter won his only NBA championship after joining the Houston Rockets. It seems the history is repeating itself once again with know Damian Lillard being in the same position as Clyde was once was with the Blazers.

Portland, historically doesn't seem like they have done what they were supposed to do when they had the right players. They had Clyde, they had some good teams, but even Clyde won with Houston his championship. I don't think Dame is going to stay there because when you have a player like that, you gotta be working your butt off in the offseason to make sure you give him the best to go with what he wants to do. He wants to win a championship like Westbrook, Carmelo, like everybody else. He is giving them the benefit of the doubt, and they are not giving him everything he needs, so I don't foresee him staying there.

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Lillard will definitely leave Portland

Reports recently came out that Lillard met with LeBron and AD discussing the opportunity to join the Lakers, and it seems LeBron was the one who initiated it. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire, and even though Lillard is obviously playing for the Blazers this season, his future with the team is under a big question mark. Worthy argues Lillard doesn't want to be stuck in the small market that is not doing much to give him the help he needs to compete for a championship.

He is meeting with LeBron and AD, and he is thinking if they don't give me something, and he is seeing what the Nets are doing, what the Lakers are doing, what Golden State is about to do again. You don't want to be stuck in a small market if they are not going to give him something. I don't think he is going to stick around.

Lillard is having a somewhat slow start to this season, not looking like his former self, which obviously sparked some criticism from the fans and the media. He had a great game last night in a win against the Lakers in which he dropped 25 points, but the Blazers are currently sitting on the 8th spot in the western conference and are not showcasing the same dominance as they usually did for the past several seasons.

Whether Lillard leaves the Blazers remains to be seen, but if I had to put my money on it, I would say it will definitely happen. Whether he will go to the Lakers or not is unknown. Still, if the Blazers front office doesn't come up big soon in getting valuable pieces, Lillard will definitely try to find his happiness with a team that can give him all the necessary tools to fight for a championship.

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