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James Harden is averaging 54.3 points in his last 3 games and it seems he's not planning to stop


James Harden is currently averaging 54.3 points per game throughout his last 3 games. Yeah, you read that correctly and it's not a typo. Harden has been insanely efficient in the last 3 games and he proved the same thing last night against the Los Angeles Lakers when he scored 48 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and dished out 6 assists.

In the last night's game against the Lakers, he had enormous help from his teammate Eric Gordon who delivered a huge performance with 30 points and helped Harden with the scoring load.

What is incredible about Harden's three-game run is the fact that all of his 163 points that he scored in those games came from none assisted shots. Last night against the Lakers, Harden attempted 30 shots and none of those came from an assist. Harden made 14 out of those 30 shots which is 46 percent from the floor and when you shooting at those volumes, you could definitely say he had an efficient game.

The only players aside from Harden who scored more points in a three-game span were none other than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and that is a pretty good company to be in.

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After the injury of Chris Paul and Clint Capela who will miss out the next 5-6 weeks, opens up space for Harden to unleash his offensive prowess on the entire NBA.

Harden has been on a tear for the past week. On Monday against the Memphis Grizzlies, he scored 57 points and two days after that he was able to outperform himself with 58 points against the Brooklyn Nets. Harden was the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score more than 55 points in two consecutive games which haven't been done since 1961/62 season when Wilt did it.

For the entire season, James Harden is posting some really astonishing numbers. In 42 games so far, he is averaging almost 36 points per game while at the same time playing unselfish basketball with over 8 assists and grabbing 6 rebounds. Harden is on the track to have one of the most dominant seasons in NBA history and it will be interesting to see how long will he be able to keep up with this tempo.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit James Harden is doing something really special right now and has shown that he is able to elevate his game even further than we all expected, and it's a real pleasure watching him dismantle his opponents on a nightly basis.

Nevertheless, the Rockets will need a healthy Chris Paul in Clint Capela for the long run and the playoffs. No matter how good Harden is, he will need all the help he can get if he wants to challenge the Warriors for the best team in the western conference.

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