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Jamal Crawford explains why he thinks an NBA team should sign him: "I know I can play, and I would think my reputation is still solid."

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Three-time NBA Sixth Man of The Year, Jamal Crawford is currently without the team. 39-year-old Jamal is still confident he can play in the NBA, and it's a bit of surprise for him he wasn't signed by a team looking for a veteran presence. In an interview with, he talked about the fact his reputation is still solid in the league and how he can see which teams could use his help when watching the games.

"I know I can play, and I would think my reputation is still solid. It's baffling to me." "A lot of teams take a wait and see approach, not only for me but vets in general. It's weird watching games and being apart from it but seeing teams that could use you in certain situations. You see, where you could help different clubs in different ways."

One of the reasons why Crawford has been in the league for 19 years is the fact he took good care of his body and maintained in top shape. Now, that he is almost 40, Crawford is still dedicating a lot of his time to physically stay at the same level as he did last season because he is aware that the opportunity to play one more year in the NBA is out there.

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"Physically, I feel better than I did last season. I'm able to get my body together. My skill set is sharp. I feel that I'm good. My mindset is to be patient, and hopefully, something good comes about it. I'll be ready for the opportunity."

Crawford is a true hooper in every shape, way, and form. He truly loves basketball, and he was always present playing in various pick-up games around the nation during summer. Even though he hops not to retire for another season or two, Crawford said he would continue playing basketball at various places. He even surprised a couple of people when he came to LA Fitness the other night and stayed until midnight.

"I love the game and stay in the gym anyway. Whenever I retire, I'll still be playing the game, whether that's at an LA Fitness or somewhere else. At this point, the regular players around here are kind of used to seeing me, although sometimes I'll go to a different gym and people are surprised. Like, the other night, I went to a new one and played from 10 o'clock to midnight. They did double takes."

Last season as a member of Minessota Timberwolves, Crawford was logging in 18 minutes per game while averaging 8 points and 3.6 assists. Crawford also is still capable of having a night where he goes off for 20 points, and he would be an excellent fit for a team that wants to add more scoring to their rostering. It would be great to see Crawford come back for at least one more season, and it's now up for the teams to see if they would need his experience.

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