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J.R. is quitting booze


Yep, your eyes didn't deceive you. J.R. Smith has made it public he is not drinking alcohol anymore.

J.R. Hennesy will now only be known as J.R. Shirtless. You may have forgotten, but he is still an NBA player being paid by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs paid him $14,720,000 not to play basketball. 

He wanted to be traded, but nobody was interested, a combination of his significant salary and his reputation of being a problematic character (soup throwing and all). LeBron was the one who told the Cavs he would keep him in check and most of the time he did. LeBron is gone, the Cavs were tanking so it was sort of a mutual understanding. 

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This was back when LeBron realized he needs shooters around him and J.R. fits that bill. He will make $15,680,000 next year, and if he has any desire to get a new contract after that, he needs to convince someone to give him a chance and prove he is worth it on and off the court. If we are to trust his IG profile, he made the first move.


This is a good start for J.R., but it is a long way back to an NBA roster spot for him. The logical move would be to convince the Cavs to bring him back on the court and then either stay with them or get traded once he reestablishes his value.

Teams in need of shooting, with an aging superstar that likes to play with veterans maybe? Would you be surprised?

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