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IVERSON IS NOT A FAN OF THE ICONIC STEP OVER ”I don't like it, 'cause I love him.”


Iverson's 'practice rant' shouldn't be in your A.I. map of associations, as it’s one of those things he wishes he can take back. Well, according to the Answer himself, neither should the iconic Ty Lue step over.

“I don't like it, 'cause I love him.”

Allen Iverson, All The Smoke

Ask every NBA fan, 'what's the first thing that pops into your mind when you say, Tyronn Lue?' Occasional '16 NBA champion' and 'the historic 3-1 comeback' will pop out, but most will associate Lue with A.I. stepping over him in Game 1 of the '01 NBA Finals.

Well, if it was up to Iverson, that would've been altered. Being praised at the expense of his long time friend is something this NBA icon is not a fan of, especially since that's the only thing that comes up when discussing their Finals matchup of nearly two decades ago. So instead of abasing Lue, A.I. is praising him.

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“He was giving me so many problems, man. He was harassing me, straight dog.”

Allen Iverson, All The Smoke

Lue's pestering defense was the catalyst for the step over, which was Iverson's way of saying that 'the dog has finally been tamed.' Such a reaction was completely impulsive - a by-product of the heat of the game.

“What's crazy, I don't know how it happened. When I stepped over him, it was like, I ain't known I did it. And they try to get me to mimic this s*it years later, like; I don't even know how to do it.”

Allen Iverson, All The Smoke

And when you think about it, all of the NBA's iconic celebrations have that impulsive dimension to them. I can't imagine LeBron rehearsing The Silencer, nor Stephen Curry shimmying his way around the house, waiting for the right moment to showcase it in the game. It's the emotion of the game that has you doing unorthodox stuff that, combined with the greatness of its protagonist, enters the sphere of historical.

The same thing happened with A.I.'s step over - one of the most iconic moments in NBA history. But Iverson is not a fan. What's a treasure for millions of NBA fans, is trash for the guy who's being praised for it.

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