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“It’ll take them 6 days to finish this game” - Kevin Durant on how a Draymond Green vs Dennis Rodman matchup would turn out

It's hard to blame Kevin Durant for thinking this matchup could go on for six days
Kevin Durant on a potential matchup between Dennis Rodman and Draymond Green

Kevin Durant on a potential matchup between Dennis Rodman and Draymond Green

Kevin Durant has notoriously been known for spending a lot of time on Twitter, dishing out his takes, or using a burner account to defend his reputation. In this year's playoffs, the Nets superstar has been active more than ever with all the free time he now has.

In his latest tweet, KD shared what he thinks would happen if his former teammate Draymond Green and Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman faced each other one-on-one.

"I'll take them 6 days to finish this game," Durant said.

A subtle shot or a form of praise?

If there's one common denominator between Green and Rodman's game, it's their defensive impact on the floor. However, for as dominant as both players are on defense, Green and Rodman are also offensively limited. In his 10 seasons so far in the league, Green averages 8.7 points per game while Rodman ranked up 7.3 points per game in his 14-year career.

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So, to go back to Durant's tweet, he could possibly mean two things: That it'll take Green and Rodman six days to score on each other because of their limitations on offense, or that since their defense is so good, nobody can rank up points.

Whatever Durant meant, a theoretical matchup between Rodman and Green would definitely be must-see TV.

Team Draymond or Team Dennis?

Rodman has made the All-NBA Defensive Team eight times and nabbed the Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award twice in his career, while Green won the award once and has made the All-NBA Defensive Team six times. Both are generational defenders, but they do their damage best in different ways.

Rodman provides rim protection, hustle, and physical presence inside the paint, which allows him to dominate the rebound battle. Green, meanwhile, can be a menace of a defender anywhere on the court, whether it's inside the paint or when he switches onto the perimeter, where he can lock up any type of offense. Both their skills are essential for any championship team.

Rodman is the more imposing player who can use his physical force to his advantage against Green, but the latter has proven that he doesn't back down easily from taller and stronger bigs.

The former Chicago Bull would get his points inside the paint, but what happens when he finds himself in the perimeter? Can Rodman get in the paint in the first place? As for the Golden State Warrior, he can use his speed to his advantage, but how does he score inside? Or, in general, how do both players attempt to score if their shooting and rim finishing aren't their best capabilities?

A theoretical matchup between Green and Rodman would be a clash of generational talent and styles. It'll probably involve a lot of physicality, hustle, or even flagrants and non-stop complaining. Even if it'll take a miracle for this to happen, it's hard to blame Durant for thinking this matchup could go on for six days. 

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