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Isiah Thomas shares why he would trade for Ben Simmons and sees the similarity in struggles that Magic Johnson used to have

Isiah Thomas would trade for Ben Simmons

Isiah Thomas would trade for Ben Simmons if he improves his shooting

Former NBA player and an absolute legend of the game, Isiah Thomas shares a unique perspective on why he would make a trade for Ben Simmons if he were one of the GMs in the league.

Thomas would make a trade for Simmons

The Ben Simmons saga is one of the never-ending stories in the NBA at the moment, and it seems the end of it is nowhere near to be found. The most logical solution for both parties is to find a suitable trade destination for Simmons. Still, teams are hesitant to make a move, especially since the Philadelphia 76ers asking price is way too high than what they are willing to offer.

The reality is that Simmons decreased his value, and he is somewhat considered an unreliable player on all fronts. He hasn't really improved on offense ever since he came to the NBA five years ago, and his attitude is not something a lot of teams want to deal with knowing what he did to the Sixers.

Isiah Thomas still believes in Simmons and thinks the only downside to his game is his inability to make free throws. Ever since he came to the NBA, Simmons has been a poor free-throw shooter, but Thomas thinks the only thing he needs to do is improve that shot, increasing his value and making him a more dangerous player on offense.

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I would absolutely trade for Ben Simmons, and here is why. To me, Ben Simmons is not a broken player. He was their best defender; he was an All-Star and led them in assists. Now, Ben Simmons's problem is not that he can't shoot the basketball; his problem is that he can't make free throws as a point guard. As a point guard and a leader of the team, if Ben Simmons became a better foul shooter, he would average 19 points per game, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, and nobody would have a problem with Ben. He needs to get into the gym and work on his foul shooting. If he becomes a better foul shooter, he would 4,5 points to his scoring average, and he would be inside the post making layups and everything else.

Isiah Thomas, via Big Podcast with Shaq

Simmons should follow Magic's footsteps

Interestingly enough, Thomas compared Simmons's current situation with shooting problems to another NBA legend that wasn't actually a great shooter, and that is none other than Magic Johnson. Magic was great at everything he did, but he was never a consistent shooter; however, he was smart enough to know he could easily improve his free throw shooting. That enabled him to be more aggressive when attacking the basket and getting fouled because he knew he could get several easy points from the foul line.

Going to the foul line just like the other person who couldn't shoot, and that is Magic Johnson. Magic could not shoot the basketball. Magic for the whole summer just shot free throws. We worked out with him, and we would run, doing sprints and everything, and then he would shoot free throws. He said he was working on his game. The next year Magic Johnson is the MVP of the league because he got to the foul line 8 times a night, and he was 7 from 8 from the foul line. He became a 90 percent foul shooter, increased his scoring average from 16 to 20, and became the MVP league because he became a better foul shooter. If Ben Simmons becomes a better foul shooter, then this story is over.

Isiah Thomas, via Big Podcast with Shaq

Everything that Thomas said makes absolute sense, and if Ben actually became better at free throws, he would definitely add more points to his overall averages. That would also mean he could be more aggressive because even if he gets fouled, he would be more confident in his shot and therefore help his team even more. However, if Simmons couldn't improve in that area in the last 5 years he's been to the NBA, it's hard to believe he would actually do it in the future with another team.

Magic was different, and that is why he is one of the best to do it because he realized what he needed to do to put himself and his team in a position to win games. Simmons showed the opposite, ultimately selfishness and inability to further master his craft.

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