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Isiah Thomas lays out his plan regarding the negative criticism he has received lately - "You had the last dance, now I will have the last word"

Isiah Thomas wants to make his own documentary where he would clear the air after the damage he received after The Last Dance documentary
Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas recently gave an interview for Arena Sport when he doubled down on his recent criticism of The Last Dance documentary and how he was portrayed as one of the main villains. We've seen Thomas recently say he is expecting a personal apology from Michael Jordan himself because of his unjust treatment, even though he went in-depth about the rivalry the Pistons had with the Chicago Bulls during those years. Thomas said they took everything out of context and completely twisted the story in order to fit the narrative Jordan was trying to push.

Thomas is planning a documentary that will tell his side of the story

That is why he said it's important he makes his own documentary where he would share his side of the story so that the NBA fans can get the whole picture and not just the one-sided narrative The Last Dance pushed toward the audience. Thomas believes that will enable him to get the last laugh after the controversy he endured in the last two years. 

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"I think it's time for me to make my own documentary. You had the last dance; now I will have the last word. It's time for me to tell my side of the story about some of these things that have been out there."

Thomas was the captain and a leader of the Bad Boys Pistons, which at the time was one of the most iconic teams in the NBA known for their brutally physical style of play. They were a legitimate powerhouse in the league and back-to-back champions in an era that many still to this day consider the golden era of the NBA. Interestingly enough, Thomas believes that the Pistons squad would be equally good in today's NBA because of the skillset the players on that roster possessed. Their guards and bigs were incredibly versatile and could shoot the ball extremely well, and on top of that, their defense was one of their most recognizable assets when they were playing. 

"I am 100 percent confident that if we won back-to-back championships in that era, we would be champions in this era, also. Our style of play would not only fit this era, but the way myself, Dumars and Vinnie Johnson they way we played is tailor-made for this style of play."

The Pistons would be successful in any era if they played under specific rules

Great teams like the Pistons would succeed in any era, especially if you look at their roster, which was well-rounded, well-coached, and had a system in place that everyone followed. However, the Pistons were one of the most hated teams in NBA history because of the brutal way they played defense. A usual foul for the Pistons back then would easily be a flagrant one in today's NBA or even worse. Hypothetically if they were playing today, their success would be based on the rules that would be in place. If the rules were those of from the late '80s or early 90s when tough physical play and harder fouls were allowed, then, in that case, they would maximize their potential. 

However, if they played under the rules we have now, they would probably have a hard time defending the opposing players as easily as they did because of various reasons, like the ban on hand-checking and the refs no longer tolerating hard fouls. There is no question they would be able to torch other teams offensively, but playing by today's rules would limit what made those Pistons so special back in the day when they ruled the NBA. 

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