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Isaiah Thomas on what could have been if he was able to stay with the Celtics: "We would've probably won a championship already."


Isaiah Thomas is one of those players who despite all the odds made it to the NBA as the last pick in the 2011 draft. He would bounce around the league quite a bit but his most memorable performances came during his time with the Boston Celtics when he almost single-handedly brought the team to the NBA finals.

During that time Isaiah was going through a lot of issues predominantly surrounding with the death of his sister with whom he was really close with. His sister died during the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers and even though most of the players would not even play, under those circumstances, Isaiah didn't want to leave his team and returned back to starting lineup.

At that time he was the hero and the leader of a young Celtics team and people thought the Celtics would sign him to a big contract, however, that didn't happen and he got traded for Kyrie Irving Ante Zizic & a future first round pick (Sexton).

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In a recent press conference, Thomas said he doesn't hold any grudges but believes the Celtics would have won a championship already if he had stayed with the team back in 2017.

"We would've probably won a championship already. It was tough when it happened because it was out of nowhere and I was hurt as I said earlier. I was being able to play off the trade and it would be easier for me to get through that but I don't hold any grudges. Things happen, everything happens for a reason and I'm just glad to be healthy and be back playing."

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