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Inside the NBA trade market fiasco that is currently happening in the league

A detailed breakdown of how the NBA trade market went berserk in a matter of days
Inside the NBA Trade Market Fiasco

The free agency has been an absolute mess so far this summer and its still not over

A couple of trades happened before and during the NBA Draft. First, we saw Christian Wood get shipped to Dallas for a first-rounder and a handful of bench players, and Jerami Grant got traded to the Trail Blazers for a future first-rounder. That was the time when every NBA fan was probably asking the question, "that's all it took?"

First Domino

On June 29th, as we were geared into the whole offseason, rumors came out spreading that the San Antonio Spurs were heading into the idea of trading their All-Star Dejounte Murray. Murray just had his best season in the NBA last year, averaging 21 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists while also leading the NBA in steals. After all the rumors about him, the Spurs really traded Dejounte Murray and got back basically three first-round picks from the Atlanta Hawks as we see them rebuild and possibly tank for the 7'3 French Prospect Victor Wembanyama next offseason.

The Calm Before The Storm

On June 30th, just before free agency, Nets Superstar Kevin Durant requested a trade. The news came out of nowhere where many people thought all was well in Brooklyn after Kyrie Irving opted into his player option to "honor" his commitment to the Nets.

On July 1st, after a couple of signings here and there, we saw two trades that were still normal for the market. First, Malcolm Brogdon was traded to Boston for a future first, Theis, Nesmith, and a couple more players. We also saw Kevin Huerter get traded to Sacramento for Harkless, Holiday, and a future first. These trades were absolutely normal and made perfect sense. Boston bolstered their team, and Sacramento added a shooter, with both teams doing it for the right price.

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The Storm

Right after was when 3x Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert got traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for FOUR first-round picks, with most being unprotected and a haul of players. That was the same time when we saw the trade market get complicated.

After the Gobert trade, the Nets were put into a position to expect a MASSIVE haul of assets in return for, without a doubt, a higher-tier player than Gobert, Kevin Durant. Several contenders and aspiring teams are undoubtedly going after Durant, but that comes at a price. That price has been changing with the recent news and speculations around the association. The Nets were, of course, asking for a massive return of draft assets and all-star caliber players.

Durant, 33, has the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, and some may add the Toronto Raptors as his possible suitors. But with recent information from Brian Windhorst, teams are reportedly not "meeting the Nets asking price" as this saga continues to unfold. You can argue that Toronto and Phoenix have the best requirements to add Durant to their Rosters, but Toronto may not be willing to add Scottie Barnes to the mix, and Phoenix does not want to include much of their depth or Devin Booker to acquire Durant.

In contrast to the handful of rumors surrounding Durant's trade request, several insiders believe the Nets should try and convince Durant and Irving to play because this is their best chance to win. Not an argument there because after all that drama, the Nets roster still looks pretty good with the inclusion of the two superstars.

What's going on in Utah? (Maybe Windhorst was onto something)

After Rudy Gobert was traded, Donovan Mitchell had to be next. And that is where we're headed after recent news involving the Jazz Star this week. The Jazz are expected to command a boatload of draft picks and young assets as the Knicks and Heat come out the gates running to acquire Mitchell. With draft picks involved, New York has around eight first-round picks that are eligible to be traded, four of their own and four from other teams via trade.

Jazz CEO Danny Ainge might tear the house down and build a new one after the first domino fell in that Gobert trade. Unfortunately, we are still yet to see if the Jazz is landing another massive return for one of their All-Stars. The next couple of weeks should be filled with rumors and speculations as this saga of trade season is far from being over.

Utah Jazz guard John Stockton and Earl Watson

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Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone and Phoenix Suns forward Charles Barkley

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Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul and center DeAndre Ayton

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Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, Lebron James and guard Dwyane Wade

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