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Infamous NBA all-time record LeBron James should not be proud of

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LeBron James is a sure Hall of Famer someday when he retires. He has accomplished so much in his career that he would go down as one of the all-time greats. However, along the way, there were also not-so-good moments in his career. One of them is leading the NBA all-time in one area he should not be proud of.

LeBron James’ missed shots record

James is the only player in NBA history to have 2,500 misses in free throws, 2,500 misses in 3-point shots, and 2,500 misses in 2-point attempts, as posted by Crazy Stats. 

The other players who are mentioned to hold the most misses were Ray Allen for 3-pointers (4,456), John Havlicek for 2-pointers (13,417), and Wilt Chamberlain for most missed free throws all-time (5,805).

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One thing about LeBron’s record is that he is not yet done playing. As he aims to add another title in his illustrious career, he is bound to add more misses from the 3-point area, 2-point shots, and free throws. That is part of a basketball player’s life, and it just shows the longevity of James in the NBA. 

He may not break the all-time numbers set by Allen Havlicek and Chamberlain, but critics will use this fact to tarnish the legacy of the Los Angeles Lakers star. However, James wouldn’t lose sleep with this infamous record as he knows the only way to shut up the bashers is to win another title. He has that chance next season after the off-season signing of Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwight Howard. 

The evolution of LeBron James’ scoring

James was more of an attacker when he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers in his younger years. He was a raging freight train on offense, while his outside shooting beyond the arc was still non-existent. 

As he matured throughout the years, he has learned to pick his spots and productively use his strengths. Now, in the final stages of his career, fans are wondering just how much gas is left in the 4-time MVP’s tank. As LeBron tries to extend his career, it’s expected he would transition more into a facilitator than an attacker to avoid injuries. This is evident in his 2.2 3-point shots made every game while in Lakers jersey for three seasons and attempting 6.2 shots, the most in his career. 

With more attackers on the roster, James needs to pick his spots on the floor. Frank Vogel needs to minimize James’ minutes in the regular season if he wants his star player to be fresh in the offseason. James does not mind more misses on dunks, free throws, or airball 3-point shots at this point of his career. What matters is hoisting the trophy at the end of the season. 

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