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Iman Shumpert has no doubt MJ is the GOAT over LeBron


The Michael Jordan-LeBron James GOAT debate. There is no more controversial and fiery topic to bring up amongst NBA fans, as it always divides people who advocate for their guy. Nobody shies away from it. From fans to analysts, coaches, reporters, current and former players, everybody has their opinion on the topic. For example, former NBA player Iman Shumpert recently offered his stance on the subject and surprisingly put Jordan levels above his former teammate.

Iman Shumpert: The die-hard Bulls fan

Iman Shumpert recently did an interview for the Bootleg Kev podcast and talked about various interesting and controversial topics. From saying LeBron ruined basketball, bashing the current Lakers squad, criticizing Phil Jackson's tenure with the Knicks to LeBron's flopping, Shump made numerous headlines. But by far, the most hilarious and exciting topic of discussion was the MJ-LeBron debate. In Shump's mind, there is no question who is the GOAT:

"Jordan. Bron, I like you. You're my dog. He's in the conversation. He's getting compared to Michael Jordan. What the f**k he gonna get mad for?"

Iman Shumpert, ">Bootleg Kev

Even though Shumpert played alongside LeBron and won a championship with him, the Bulls fan inside him just can't let him put Bron on the top. In Shumps's mind being in the conversation with MJ is a feat by itself. 

But then Shumpert offered a great idea on how he would handle the situation if he were in their shoes. Iman is playing 1 on 1 for the throne, as he thinks Jordan's competitive nature would not only get him to play at 58 years old but give him the win against a 37-year old LeBron. That's a hard one, but you can never count out Jordan:

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"I lowkey think Mike so competitive, Mike would come out of retirement to play Bron 1 on 1...Calm down. You ain't see Mike hoop in a while. You never seen him Mike just sitting down and get up in his street clothes. He does it all the time."

Iman Shumpert, ">Bootleg Kev

The host, obviously a LeBron fan, couldn't believe what Shumpert was saying. He then tried to make LeBron's case by saying he faced more formidable opponents in the Finals. Iman was speechless, as he shut down that narrative right away:

"You being serious right now?... Do you know who Michael Jordan had to deal with? You for real?...You tell me who lost?"

Iman Shumpert, ">Bootleg Kev

The host was trying to paint the Warriors better than any team Jordan had to face, like the Jazz or the Blazers, but Iman Shumpert, who actually played in those Finals, didn't want to hear about it. There is no team in the past or current era beating the 90s Bulls in his mind.

This whole interview was hilarious, with Iman Shumpert and his naturally funny character creating some gems alongside great basketball points. In the end, Shump has immense respect for LeBron on a human and basketball level, but for a kid growing up a Bulls fan, there is no debate.

Jordan was and will always be better, even in his older days. That is simply the type of influence Michael Jordan has left on the younger generations. Iconic stuff.

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