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Ice Cube shares why he hated Larry Bird: 'He was like a nightmare'

larry bird & ice cube

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most prominent NBA franchise with countless fans, many of whom are world-known celebrities. For over four decades, one of those Lakers fans is none other than the famous rapper and actor Ice Cube. Growing up in L.A., there was no other way around it not being a Lakers fan, especially in the '80s when they were the best team in the NBA with the Showtime Lakers. Cube always shared his support for the Lakers no matter if they were going through hard times or winning championships. He established himself as one of the most faithful celebrity fans out there.

In a recent interview for Basketball Time Machine, Cube talked about his admiration for the Lakers but also reflected on the famous rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers, especially in the '80s. Cube talked about Larry Bird, who was the biggest nemesis of Magic Johnson and the Lakers. If you were a Lakers fan back in the day, you probably hated Bird more than any other player in the NBA, and it was the same for Cube during those years.

Even though he immensely disliked Bird, now Cube admits Bird was a spectacular player, and over the years, he learned to appreciate everything he did for the game of basketball. Cube said he has nothing but respect for Bird and the way he approached the game.

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Back in the day, he was like a nightmare. A guy who could really spoil your night if you are a Laker fan. I hated it for that. I hated him because he always battled Magic. Sometimes Magic would win, sometimes Larry would win. Looking at him, I just couldn't understand how he was as good as he was. I learned to respect him after a while. Respect his game, respect how good he was and how he was able to play at his own pace, under his own ability—respecting how good he was.

Ice Cube, ">Basketball Time Machine

After all those years, Cube made his peace with Bird but admitted he still hates the Celtics, and no one can blame him. If you were a true Lakers fan, you must respect the rivalry between the two most storied franchises in the NBA. Right now, they are both tied with the number of won championships, and it will be interesting to see which one of those two teams will be the first one to win their 18th NBA title. There is no question, Cube will still be in the front row cheering for the team in purple and gold, and with LeBron still, on the team, their chances of winning it all are a bit better than the Celtics.

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