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"I play real basketball, not fake basketball"


The Lakers are off to a nice start but there are still questions about the depth and fit of the roster. After LeBron and Davis, who do you have on the team that can really be counted on in the playoffs?

That's one of the opportunities 82 games provide - time to find out who fits and which lineups have the best chemistry. LeBron didn't want to wait that long and did something we've heard about before. He played 2K to figure out the best fit for the Lakers' new roster.

"I saw that way before we even got together. I play a lot of 2K, NBA 2K basketball, so I was mix-matching lineups and things of that nature. See how we can be productive."

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Yet another story in the mythology of LeBron's dedication. Seems like everyone who shoots for GOAT status has to build up such a narrative. He doesn't just work out, practice and watch film. In his spare time, LeBron plays 2K to predict who will fit on the roster. The craziest story like this was LeBron watching film to see how do his teammates want the ball when he passes it - seems horizontal or vertical. He actually knows this and adapts to his teammates' preferences. 

Mentioning 2K opened up an insight into LeBron's playing style. So part of the time, he's working on his basketball craft. But when it's just a video game, the idea is to have fun, live out your fantasies, be a bit selfish, right?

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