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”I hate their fans” — Charles Barkley expands on the “fu*k your mama” moment with Golden State Warriors fans

Sir Charles made an important distinction that makes him unique. He understands trash-talking is a two-way street.
Charles Barkley and Golden State Warriors fans

Charles Barkley isn't shy about his feelings toward Warriors fans

As we covered yesterday, Charles Barkley had yet another epic moment with Warriors fans. Without missing a heartbeat, Sir Charles responded to Warriors fans heckling him by making a spicy promise. 

Back to 2015

Seems like ancient history, but it was only seven years ago the dominant position was you can't win a championship as a team built around perimeter shooting. History was adamant; your shot will fail you in physical playoff basketball, and you'll lose. 

Barkley was one of the people saying that, and it led him to doubt the idea the then young Golden State Warriors would ever win a title. But unlike most people, Sir Charles has no problem admitting he was wrong and being the punchline of a joke. 

Klay Thompson showing the gift the Warriors made for Charles Barkley

Klay Thompson showing the gift the Warriors made for Charles Barkley

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Barkley has shown a lot of respect and admiration for the Warriors since, but that admiration and respect hasn't translated to Warriors fans. They haven't let the jump shooting thing go and keep reminding Barkley every time they get a chance. 

So when Ryen Russillo asked Barkley about his relationship with the Warriors and can he finally have buy-in into their on-court identity and pedigree (given Barkley picked Dallas to win the series), Sir Charles didn't hesitate to make a crucial distinction.

You didn't think Barkley would take a step back and try to cool the situation, did you? He didn't go into detail, but we can assume the seven-year battle between Barkley and Dubs fans will go on. That being said, there's one important thing to point out - it's all in good fun. 

Politically incorrect

The magic of Barkley (and the rest of the Inside crew) is that they managed to establish their credibility to a point where they don't have to worry about being canceled. We all know Barkley doesn't really hate Warriors fans, nor does he intend to go to someone's home and revenge "fu*k their mama."

“We have a lot of give and take, and that doesn't bother me. As long as people react to your opinion, you're doing what you're supposed to do on television. Your job is to make sure people enjoy the sport, hopefully, you have good games. But when you're an announcer/analyst, you want people to respond to what you say. Whether they boo me or cheer me; I'm like Roman Reigns, as long as they acknowledge me I'm doing my job.”

Charles Barkley, The Ryen Rusillo Podcast

The reason fans don't have a problem with Barkley clapping back is that he takes everything they launch his way on the chin, like a true sport. There's a "give and take" involved. On top of that, Barkley understands that it's a part of the job he's well paid for. If he is to do his job well, people will get emotional, and trash-talking is a part of that package. 

If only more people had that mindset. 

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