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"I felt like such an idiot that I let her do that to me"—Eddy Curry on his most embarrassing life mistake

Eddy Curry is going through hell for marrying his childhood sweetheart.
Eddy Curry on his most embarrassing life mistake

Curry spilled the details about getting married in high school to his childhood sweetheart

NBA fans are well-aware of the unfortunate money incidents involving players. We’ve heard of NBA players losing thousands and millions of dollars due to poor financial management or even betrayal from their close friends or business partners. Former NBA player Eddy Curry is part of this list of players who had to learn their lesson on money in the most embarrassing way possible.

No prenup

Curry spilled the details about getting married in high school to his childhood sweetheart. He was young and in love. It did not cross his mind to sign a prenuptial agreement.

After getting married, he was selected as the fourth overall pick of the NBA Draft and inked a $14 million deal. Little did he know that what was about to come was the most embarrassing chapter of his life.

“I remember telling my agent because I always kept it a secret because I was really embarrassed about it. I felt like such an idiot for letting her do that to me. And I don't wanna put it on her because it takes two to do it,” Curry said, per DJ Vlad.

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“But I really felt like I was doing the right thing. I was having a son, me and her were best friends from way back. But we definitely clashed a lot. Our attitudes, our personalities were way different. I assumed I would be able to just walk away from this because we were friends and I figured she wouldn't try to gouge me. I remember my agent trying to tell me like ‘Man, the best case scenario you can get this annulled. But if not, you’re gonna have to pay some serious money.’ I’m like ‘no way this is my friend and we go way back since third grade’” Curry added.

Curry also pointed out that he was signing endorsement deals left and right from a car company from trading card companies such as Upper Deck, Fleer, and Sage. Nike was also one of the significant deals he signed. He had no clue that all these new endorsements were martial property.

Far from over

The divorce proceeding dragged out for two grueling years. Curry revealed that the woman unveiled dirty tactics such as coming out as pregnant just as when the judge was about to say his ruling. Curry shared that he had to pay the woman $16,000 a month in child support plus at least $8,000 in alimony. The former Bulls forward also had to buy the woman a house and a car.

Curry has shelled out millions of dollars to his ex-wife. But from the looks of it, she isn’t done yet. Curry revealed that she’s now coming for his pension.

“She’s trying to get my pension right now. She’s going after my pension. She just took me to the court to try to get my pension bro.”


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