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How long is Morey prepared to wait for the right offer? "This could take four years"


From the beginning, one thing was clear. If there's anyone ready to play chicken with a superstar and not blink first, it's Daryl Morey. Most people thought it was because Morey doesn't understand or undervalues the contempt of chemistry - he is OK with uncomfortable situations. A part of his recent comment proves that to be wrong. It's because Morey has a character trait we glorify above all else in sports. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

After realizing the strategy he decided to implement with the guidance of Rich Paul and the Klutch family backfired, the young socialite known as Ben Simmons showed up in Philly. As expected, he "blew up" the first practice and is now showing up for every scheduled session with mysterious back pain. For now, every one of these missed practices is getting several Woj and Shams tweets, but it will soon become standard news, and we won't cover every step Simmons makes. But how long can this take?

"You're going to think I'm kidding, I'm not. This could (go on for) 4 years. ... We're in the prime of Joel's career...Either Ben Simmons is playing for us, or we have to get back a difference-maker."

Daryl Morey, via Derek Bodner

Morey's message is clear. I want Dame Lillard, Bradley Beal, someone of that caliber, or Simmons will have the longest period of mysterious back pain in NBA history. From a game theory standpoint, that's the only correct answer. But at a certain point, CJ McCollum is better than no Ben Simmons, who you're still paying and is eating up your cap space, right? So while mentioning 4 years is the right negotiating tactic, Morey surely wants to eliminate the distraction to the team.

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"Would you rather eliminate what people perceive to be a distraction, or would you rather have better playoff odds? I'll take playoff odds...Whatever we have to deal with that helps the Philadelphia 76ers win the title, we'll do it."

Daryl Morey, via Derek Bodner

It's much easier to live with the distraction if you don't have to talk to the media before and after every game. GMs have the luxury of picking and choosing when the distraction is put in front of their face. Coaches and players don't. But, there's a way to turn the distraction upside-down, and it seems to be happening.

Joel Embiid shared he's becoming a better teammate because of this entire situation. Seemingly out of spite, Embiid started to spend more time with his teammates off the court to build chemistry and unity. This season could become a F**K YOU to Ben Simmons. There's nothing like a common enemy to tighten up the ranks.

"I will go through mud, muck, across barbed wire. Whatever pain or process it takes to win a title. It's annoying to you, but it is not annoying to us. It is a uniting factor right now."

Daryl Morey, via Derek Bodner

Morey understands the distraction is a problem if left unattended. But if you turn it into the "common enemy" we are fighting against, it can create chemistry and build championship-level character. Embiid is becoming a better leader, and other players will get more understanding and love from the stands.

It seems like Morey did something Simmons didn't - learn from his previous mistakes and improve. Turns out he gets chemistry is essential.

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