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“Hey Luka, would you shut up?” — Steph Curry had enough of Luka Doncic’s trash talk in the Western Conference Finals

This is the side of Stephen Curry that many don't know about
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic

Steph Curry and Luka Doncic

From watching afar, it's easy to assume that Steph Curry looks like a laid-back player who does nothing but dominate on the basketball court with his calm baby-like assassin face and persona. It seems like Curry is the type to knock down trees, do his business, and lead his team to victory night in and night out. However, many don't know about Curry's fierce and competitive side.

Yes, Steph Curry is an avid trash-talker on the court. Ask LeBron James, who once told the world not to be fooled by Curry's charming smile and persona. Aside from James, the most recent superstar to experience Curry's fierce side is no other than Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic, who went back and forth with the three-time champion during the Western Conference Finals.

To the point that Curry told Doncic to shut up

In Curry's defense, Doncic talks a lot of smack as well. In fact, it was the Mavericks' superstar who started bickering with Curry during the Western Conference Finals series.

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One moment captured on camera was when Doncic called out Curry for missing a free throw and said, "Damn, what's going on, man? You scared?" Curry didn't allow Doncic's words to get to him, and he replied with a simple but savage: "Hey Luka, would you shut up?"

That's also not all. Another time Curry told Luka to shut up was when the latter accused the baby assassin of flopping throughout the game. Doncic even went as far as imitating Curry's shimmy after knocking down a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to end a quarter. Ultimately though, it was Curry who got the last laugh.

A depiction of their characters

Of course, trash-talking has always been part of competitive basketball. What Curry and Doncic got into is pretty much what happens almost every game. However, their altercation throughout the series depicts who they are as players: Curry is a fierce competitor who won't back down from anyone, while Doncic is a young superstar who knows he can talk his s**t even against the best players in the league.

At least the animosity between both Curry and Doncic stayed on the court. They were pretty much cool with each other once the final buzzer ended, and Doncic showed sportsmanship by congratulating the Warriors for advancing. At the end of the day, these two superstars will always put on a show, and nothing's better than seeing Curry and Doncic go at it. 

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