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"He's getting his a** busted" -- Arenas on playing Stockton 1-on-1

Gilbert Arenas on playing John Stockton 1-on-1

Gilbert Arenas on playing John Stockton 1-on-1

There's nothing like a good old game of NBA hypotheticals -- especially when it involves a subjective assessment by former or active NBA players. The most recent one occurred during a new episode of the "No Chill with Gilbert Arenas" podcast. And it didn't disappoint.

"Who's A** You Bustin?"

Josiah Johnson, the host of the show, made up a game called "Who's A** You Bustin," and threw out some names to Gilbert Arenas and Al Harrington. One of the names mentioned was NBA's all-time assists leader John Stockton. But Arenas, the guy he'd go up against in a hypothetical 1-on-1 matchup, has no doubt -- the Hall of Famer wouldn't stand a chance.

Of course he's getting his ass busted.

Gilbert Arenas, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

According to Gil, Bob Cousy, the first guy Johnson brought up, would get the same treatment. It'd be a different story with Allen Iverson and Steph Curry, but Arenas still doesn't think he'd lose to either of the two all-time greats. "That's going to be a mutual a** whooping," he said.

However, when it comes to Stockton, the 3x All-Star has no doubt he'd come out as a winner of their potential matchup. "You gotta remember; he gotta play 1 on 1," Arenas said, trying to justify his confidence. "He gotta try to score on me. My rookie year I think I gave him like 27, easy."

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Arenas did drop 27 on Stockton during his sophomore year in the league. However, the rest of their head-to-head isn't as one-sided. The two faced each other a total of 7 times. Stockton, who's averaged 12.1 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 8.7 assists against Arenas, came out on top 5 times, despite being 40. Agent Zero put up 16 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 5.3 when facing Stock.

Arenas' argument, however, isn't about the numbers. Because no matter how great Stockton was, his game was always dependent on others -- most notably Karl Malone. So despite John indisputably being a better player all-time, he wouldn't have an answer for Agent Zero in a game of 1v1.

"That was all me right there," Arenas said. "I ain't tryin' to run an offense. All this running offense, put my back to the basket; that don't work. I'm trying to get to the bucket, no assists. That hand check do not work on that my man. At all."

The Verdict

You could say Arenas is being irrationally confident -- if that's the case, go and check out Harrington's answers. But Agent Zero has a point; Stockton was an all-time great playmaker, who made a living by making the ones around him better. However, he was never a great 1-on-1 player.

Despite all of his antics on and off the court, that's one thing Arenas was. That's why everyone would pick Stockton as the guy you'd build your team around. But most would go with Arenas in a hypothetical game of 1v1.

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