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Here's why if the NBA finals were played today, the Phoenix Suns would be champions

Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul leadership helped the team stay healthy more than any other in the NBA

Availability is the best ability, and when it comes to this factor, Phoenix Suns have done a great job keeping everyone safe. They are among the few remaining teams that have players not making the NBA’s health and safety protocols list so far, which means if the finals were played today, they would have the best chance of winning against anyone. 

Chris Paul being the leader

Chris Paul knows this season could be his best and last chance to win a championship. Keeping everyone alert and safe from the virus became his main task. CP3, together with coach Monty Williams does not let outside distraction sidetrack their focus. As other teams suffer from depleted rosters, the Suns remain focused on what they can control. Meanwhile, Williams reminded his players to stay careful during the holidays. 

“I just told them (that) you’re gonna have family members coming back to town (during the holidays), so the safest thing to do is get them tested when they come into town.” said to The Athletic

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DeAndre Ayton added that Paul reminded them to ensure the protocols were being followed. If the Suns can do that, the wins would surely come. However, a complete lineup is only half the job done for them. There’s another key to their resurgence: defense. 

Phoenix Suns top power rankings

As in the latest NBA power rankings, the Suns dethroned the Golden State Warriors for the top spot. They are doing it with the help of everyone. With a 24-5 record, the only team that can challenge Suns in the playoffs is a healthy Warriors. Phoenix committed on defense, and it shows on stats. 

The team is among the league leaders in forcing opponents to take bad shots from the shaded area or the 3-point line. Credit must be given to Ayton’s defense and intimidation in the post. This highlights what he brings to the table and reminds the front office to open their war chest to keep the prized center. 

What makes last year’s finalist scarier is that they have proven they can win without superstar Devin Booker who missed games due to a hamstring injury. With Booker back in the lineup, defeating the Suns have become harder. 

For now, as other teams struggle to field in competitive lineups, the Suns remain healthy, hopeful, and dominating with a complete lineup. Phoenix needs everyone healthy to achieve their aim this season: make a run to the finals and win the title. 

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