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Here is how the return of Robert Williams III could help make the Boston Celtics even better

The Boston Celtics have taken the league by storm to start the season, and it looks like they are set to get even better
Robert Williams

Robert Williams

Many teams throughout the NBA have struggled in the early going this season, but not the Boston Celtics. The Celtics have run riot to open the season, jetting out to a 22-7 record to stake their claim as not just the top team in the Eastern Conference but in the entire league. After coming up just short in the 2022 NBA Finals, the Celtics look poised to make another deep playoff run this season.

The Celtics are good, but they are about to get even better

The C's start to the season has been wildly impressive. Jayson Tatum is the MVP frontrunner so far, Jaylen Brown has taken another big step forward, and pretty much every member of Boston's rotation has taken a step forward this season. The Celtics' offense has looked unstoppable at times so far, and they have made a habit of destroying their opponents on a near-nightly basis.

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The scary thing is that they aren't even playing at full health. Their star center, Robert Williams III, has yet to take the court this season after having surgery on his knee right before the start of the season. But that will change on Friday night, as Williams is set to make his season debut when the Celtics take on the Orlando Magic.

How much better can the Celtics get with Williams III back on the court?

Williams' return to the court cannot be understated for the Celtics. Williams is an elite two-way center who allows Boston to play the way they want on both sides of the court. The "Time Lord" is an elite shot blocker on defense, and he is a fantastic rim runner on offense who can score easy buckets in the paint, making defending the Celtics an even tougher job.

The main plus of having Williams on the court is that he is the key to unlocking the Celtics' defense, which was far and away the best in the league last season. Williams doesn't play a typically big man role, as he typically lurks on the opposing team's worst three-point shooter in a free safety role close to the paint and perimeter. Williams is quick enough to stay with his man at the perimeter and long enough to get back to the paint to contest shots if his teammates get beat.

Boston's defense hasn't necessarily been bad this season, as they are tenth in the league with a defensive rating of 112.2. But it hasn't mattered because of how good their offense has been. And with Williams officially returning to the fold, the best team in the NBA appears set to get even better, and that's a scary proposition for the 29 other teams that have to play against the Celtics.

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