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Gregg Popovich on Tim Duncan's coaching ability: "Tim Duncan doesn't know a lick about coaching"

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Gregg Popovich held his first press conference at the Team USA practice facility yesterday and shared his views on the upcoming FIBA World Cup in China. This was also an opportunity for Gregg to do a bit of friendly trash-talking towards Tim Duncan who recently joined the Spurs coaching staff.

Popovich brought a couple of his assistant coaches to the Team USA practice and reporters were wondering why Duncan wasn't there with them. Popovich in his own fashion said that wouldn't make sense because Tim Duncan doesn't know a thing about coaching and he wouldn't be able to help out.

"Tim Duncan doesn't know a lick about coaching. I don't even know why I hired him. He's giving me a paycheck for 19 years so I was kind of obliged to pay it back."

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Even during serious press conferences, Popovich is always in a good mood, especially when it comes to talking about Tim Duncan who he often regards as someone who saved his career. Gregg Popovich entrusted Tim Duncan with a job of an assistant coach coming into the new season and this is a challenge Duncan is willing to accept. Perhaps Gregg Popovich perhaps has a plan for Tim Duncan to take his job after he retires, which is something that actually might happen down the line.

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