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Gregg Popovich came out supporting Enes Kanter and his fight for human rights

Enes Kanter & Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich came out saying he supports Enes Kanter

Gregg Popovich came out and said he supports how vocal Enes Kanter is lately regarding the protection of human rights.

Kanter made several headlines recently

Enes Kanter made a lot of headlines in the last couple of weeks, not because of his stellar performance on the basketball court but primarily because of his activism. He wasn't afraid to go after LeBron, Nike, Jordan, the NBA, and for the most part China for their involvement in breaking human rights. Kanter made guest appearances on several podcasts and tv shows, expressing his views which often went against the Chinese government and the way they treat their citizens.

Kanter was critical of the NBA and others for not giving him the support he wanted to call out China and its leadership for its mistreatment of various groups. However, Kanter finally got some support from none other than Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich who was extremely supportive of Kanter and his recent actions.

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"I am glad that Enеs speaks up when he feels like it. I think it's great. No reason not to."

Popovich is supporting Kanter on his activism

Popovich also discussed the importance of speaking out and shared his criticism against people promoting and believing in conspiracy theories.

"We live in a world now where people are just willing to make stuff up and lie, promote cоnspiracy theоries, all these sorts of things – and a lot of people are buying it. So pointing things out, calling it out when you need to is, important."

It seems when it comes to the China issue, Kanter is the only one that is speaking out, and this is a fight nobody else is willing to take on themselves because of various implications. Those issues are mostly related to the financial side of the entire story in which China seems untouchable because of its vast market and spending capability. Whether something will change in the near future remains to be seen, but there is no question Kanter will continue his battle of the court to promote human rights.


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