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Grayson Allen mocks Trae Young for calling him out on tripping


If you can't beat'em, trip 'em. Grayson Allen's and the Grizzlies couldn't beat the Atlanta Hawks in their first season matchup on Saturday, so a 25-year-went for a dirty alternative.

Late in Memphis' 122-112 loss to the Hawks, while trapping Atlanta's star player Trae Young near the half-court, Allen stuck out his left leg at Young’s feet, causing Trae to stumble. And while not much was made out of the incident during or immediately after the game, the one involved in it publicized his peeve the very next day.

Young tweeted a video of the incident with the caption "this gotta stop!" implying there was an obvious harmful intention behind Grayson's action, calling the NBA to look into it and do something about it.

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It didn't take long for the Grizzlies' guard to respond. Allen retweeted Trae's post with a cynical message about the severity of his action, implying the Hawks' star is overreacting and that he had no intention to hurt Young, regardless of his interpretation of the situation.

The fact this wasn't an isolated case doesn't work in Allen's favor. Grayson has a history of pulling out dirty tricks, and some of them already involve Trae Young. They got into it on two occasions - during the '18 Summer League game and the '19 preseason game - letting everyone know that the two don't like each other.

But now is the right time for the NBA to get involved. There's an obvious rivalry between the two, and with Allen's track record of dirty plays, it isn't going to end just like that. The question is, how far is he willing to take it to come out of it victorious?

This one was on the edge of unsportsmanlike conduct. The next one may cross the line. That's why the NBA should do something about it. Because one thing's for sure; Grayson Allen won't put an end to it himself.

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