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Glen Davis reveals his secret connection with the late great Rick James

Glen Davis deserved more credit for reaching the NBA despite growing up in a tough neighborhood while his mother fell into crack addiction. Fortunately, his sisters taught him never to back down against anyone.
Glen Davis reveals connection with Rick James: My mom dated Rick James for 3 years

Glen Davis and Rick James have a history and Big Baby shared a detailed story

Glen Davis made a guest appearance on VLAD TV and revealed his experiences growing up and how they molded him to become the player he was. The burly center also unexpectedly shared his connection to the singer and musician Rick James.

My mom dated Rick James for 3 years

Davis grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a tough neighborhood, but his sisters, who he claimed never lost a fight, made him a tough player. The talk then shifted to his mom, an athlete and a popular figure in their neighborhood, until bad habits caught up with her.

"You know my mom was an athlete. She was a majorette you know, great softball player. She was tremendous at softball. She broke track records but she fell into a different lifestyle. broke For example, she dated Rick James for three years. She's super freak. She's the first to bring Rick James to the hood.”

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Big Baby hinted that his mother became addicted to crack, and it all started downhill for her. They also described Rick James as a man who seemed everywhere as past guests on the show also shared their dating stories with a talented musician. But credits to Davis for not falling into the same trap. He was no All-Star when he played but gave it his all and won a championship in 2008. Davis was a crucial factor in Game 2 in the 2010 Finals against archrivals L.A. Lakers.

NBA players escaped tough life with basketball

Players look up to basketball as a way to escape tough life. They could have easily gone to the dark side without something to divert their attention to. What Glen Davis went through, Draymond Green experienced the same, albeit in a different neighborhood.

These players play tough, but fans didn’t know how they managed to be successful despite the challenges of the environment they grew up in. Players like Glen Davis deserve more credits. A functional family is important growing up, but not everyone is afforded the same.

Davis was a bonafide NBA player, earned millions, and played with and against some all-time greats. Everything was just a bonus after coming out of a tough neighborhood, but he controlled his life and kept working hard to become someone relevant. 

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