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Glen Davis' mother had to intervene after he trash-talked Kevin Garnett during his first NBA practice


For a young NBA rookie, nothing beats having a vet as a mentor -- especially when his name is Kevin Garnett. Being around a player with his credentials is invaluable. But it can also get brutal. Just ask Glen Davis.

Big Baby felt the cruel tutelage of the Big Ticket before even making his NBA debut as a 22-year-old rookie. How brutal did it get? So much that Ms. Davis had to intervene.

It was my first day hoopin', and we're playing pickup. I'm like, 'Okay, cool, I'm here now.' I get a jump shot, boom hit it, and I leave it up like, 'get up, yeah,' talking to myself. Ticket looked at me like, 'Who the fu*k you talkin' to?' I'm like, 'This is Ticket, but I'm no bit*h a** dude, I'm just trying to get my swag.' He's like, 'Fu*k your swag!' I'm like, 'Fu*k your swag!'

Glen Davis, Fubo Sports

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The Louisiana native was proud for standing up to the Big Ticket. But his pride was short-lived. The very next day, after KG gave him the silent treatment, Davis feared he might get cut for confronting Garnett. So a 22-year-old rookie turned to his mother for help.

I was talking to my mom, and my mom was like, 'Go to him and say, man, keep it on the floor, I apologize.'

Glen Davis, Fubo Sports

Davis took his mum's advice. He had dreamed about playing in the NBA for his whole life, and he wasn't going to let a single trash-talking deprive him of that opportunity. Thus Big Baby swallowed his pride and approached a 31-year-old former league MVP, hoping to resecure his spot in the Celtics rotation.

He's getting breakfast, so I kinda edged up to him, like wanting him to speak to me. He just looked right past me. I walked up to him, he was in his locker, and I was like, 'Man, I apologize. Whatever I did yesterday, I thought it was gonna stay there, but I apologize right now.' He was like, 'You good little fella.'

Glen Davis, Fubo Sports

Thus Davis earned KG's respect, and the two were inseparable after. They still had their moments - like when the Hall of Famer made Big Baby cry during a game - but they all came from a place of pure passion and love for the game.


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