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Glen Davis and Matt Barnes think nobody should make fun of Nate Robinson after his boxing match

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After getting knocked out in his boxing match against the famous Youtuber Jake Paul, Nate Robinson was trending all over the internet. While a lot of people showed respect for Nate and his courage to step into a ring, on the other hand, numerous social media channels made him into a meme after Paul brutally knocked him out in the second round. That didn't sit well with some people, more specifically with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Glen Davis who were mad at how everyone was making fun of Nate after the match.

Glen Davis was very irritated with the fact everyone was making fun of Nate just because he took on a different challenge after his basketball career. On the other hand, Davis made some pretty strange comments about the NBA and how this wouldn't happen if the league kept Nate in the league. According to him, some players are no longer wanted in the NBA because they don't fit in with the narrative the league is pushing.

I'm sitting here and watching all this bulls**t, shit people are saying and doing. It's f****d, it's really f****d up. At the end of the day, my man took on a different challenge, because of the lack of opportunity. Nate should be playing basketball, I should be playing basketball but the league has its own mind in a way they want their players to be seen. Nate shouldn't be doing this shit but at the end of the day, we gotta do other shit to have the courage to step out and do something you never done before. This fight is a cry for an opportunity to help to put us in a situation to be different.

Glen Davis

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Barnes on the other hand had a more peaceful tone and believes Nate deserves all the respect in this world for even getting into a ring in the first place. He made a valid statement, the majority wouldn't have the courage to have a boxing match against Jake Paul is not a bad boxer, and it's easier to put someone down instead.

Respect for stepping into the ring, first and foremost. Show some love because a lot of mothafuckers didn't have that kind of heart to do that in the first place so respect on that. People need to understand you need a lot of heart to do what you did bro, so salute, respect.

Matt Barnes

Nate made a conscious decision to step into that ring with a clear notion that if you are in a boxing match, there are high chances you will get knocked out. He took that challenge upon himself and should get the respect he deserves for that. However, since he participated in a public event, watched by millions, expecting only positive reactions is not reasonable. People have different reactions to different things, but the most important thing is that Nate is ok after that knockout and that we see him back on his feet as soon as possible.

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