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Gilbert Arenas was broke during his rookie season: "Imagine trying to be an NBA player for $400 per month. Try going on a date in the middle of the month with $100 left."

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Gilbert Arenas is without a doubt one of the most bizarre characters in NBA history. Despite being a great scorer who had a few all-star seasons in his NBA career it seems he is mostly known for his behavior and actions off the court. In a recent interview for the Bleacher Report , Arenas shared several anecdotes from his life and his career but perhaps the funniest story is about him basically spending all the money before he even entered the NBA.

After two years at the University of Arizona, Arenas was ready to make the big step and start his career in the NBA. Prior to the draft night, he was expected to be the first-round pick which means a bigger paycheck during his rookie contract. He was also convinced at that time he is going in the first round so he borrowed a loan in order to buy jewelry and a car.

"I bought my chain, bought my Escalade with the five TVs and the stereo system." The audio equipment alone ran about $60,000. The chain, which bore Arenas' initials, cost another $40,000.

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Unfortunately for Arenas, he feels into the second round mostly because he was having fun and cracking jokes during the rookie workouts prior to the draft night. This resulted in NBA teams skipping on Arenas because they thought he was immature and maybe even not ready for the NBA despite being one of the most gifted players in that draft class.

"When I went 31, I got so mad that I threw the chain I bought out the window; gone." Arenas' second-round salary was something like $330,000, which was basically spent by the time he showed up at Golden State. Over his first two years in the league, Arenas' budget was $400 per month.

After making a big mistake financially, Arenas said it was hard living on a strict budget which according to him was only $400 per month. That type of budget sounds pretty ridiculous when you take into consideration Arenas was a professional NBA player.

"Imagine trying to be an NBA player for $400 per month. He rented a small apartment and took as much food as possible from the team plane. "Try going on a date in the middle of the month with $100 left. I got gas, I had two dogs and a girlfriend at the time. There was no date night! It was horrible."


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