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Gilbert Arenas picks his top 5 point guards in today's NBA


During the latest episode of "The No Chill Podcast," Gilbert Arenas broke down his top 5 point guards in today's NBA. Here's his list, 1 through 5.

I'm gonna have LeBron, CP, Curry, Russ, and Dame.

Gilbert Arenas, The No Chill Podcast

As expected, Arenas was forced to leave some great names off the list. But the one he had the most trouble with is Kyrie Irving. Skill-wise, the Nets point guard belongs on the top 5. But it's the veterans Gil gave the edge to instead.

Kyrie's tricky because in this moment in time, he's the most skillful out of all of them. Kyrie is just a whole different breed, so it's really hard because you can't keep him out of the top 5 at all. If you do leave him off, you're only leaving him off because Chris Paul is still here and LeBron is still here.

Gilbert Arenas, The No Chill Podcast

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Chris Paul is having an MVP caliber season, leading the Phoenix Suns to No.2 seed in the West, averaging 16.1 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 8.7 assists on .489/.381/.929 shooting splits. LeBron, although out with an injury, is also putting MVP numbers - 25.4 points, 7.9 rebounds, 7.9 assists - but the lack of games played keeps him out of the serious contention for the award. Still, when healthy, the Lakers superstar has looked like the best player in the world.

Having said that, Agent Zero didn't base his top 5 on the 20/21 NBA season alone. That's why Kyrie, among some other big names, didn't make the cut.

We're not judging it time for time. We're not saying, 'Alright, the top 5 this year.' We're saying, 'The top 5 current.' So Kyrie is sitting there like, 'Alright, can one of y'all just go so I can be number one or two.' That's the problem; when you got that guy who is in the top 5, but because people are still finishing out their careers, you have to take him out of it.

Gilbert Arenas, The No Chill Podcast

I would add another name to the list of guys soon to be included on this top 5 - James Harden. The Beard did a great job orchestrating the Rockets offense - he even led the NBA in assists in '17 - but it wasn't until he joined the Nets that Harden adopted the role of a true point guard. He's still an elite scorer, but the 31-year-old superstar now prioritizes getting everyone involved. And 34 games into his run in Brooklyn, he's been amazing.

So once CP and LBJ fall off, Kyrie and Harden are the frontrunners to make Agent Zero's top 5. Unless one of the young guys takes a big leap. Whatever ends up happening, and whoever Arenas pick as their successors, one thing's for sure - there is no shortage of great point guards in The Association.

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