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Gilbert Arenas on why "Pistol Pete" might be more skilled than Kyrie Irving


Is Kyrie Irving the most skilled NBA player we've ever seen? Many basketball fans would say so. But Gilbert Arenas isn't so quick to jump to the same conclusion.

Instead, during the latest episode of "The No Chill Podcast," the 3x All-Star offered an alternative that goes by the name of "Pistol Pere" Maravich.

How do you judge Kyrie's skill vs. his skill? Kyrie is dribbling and creating moves; one (Maravich) created passes that, to this day, have never been duplicated. He had no reference for this creativity; he just did it.

Gilbert Arenas, The No Chill Podcast

Playing in the '70s, Maravich was a man ahead of his time. He wasn't the first player to do a behind-the-back move or throw a no-look pass, but his playground moves, circus shots, and incredible flashiness took his playstyle to another level. That's why Pistol Pete's highlight reels hold well, even by today's standards. Not only that, but some of his on-court moves are yet to be emulated.

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If you think that game has evolved and no one's done what he's done with passing and vision, you have to say his skill level in passing - even Magic Johnson didn't do the passes he's done - you have to say that skill was a very high skill.

Gilbert Arenas, The No Chill Podcast

Arenas isn't taking anything away from Kyrie and his ability to leave basketball fans in awe. He's simply pointing out that Maravich did the same thing -- 40 years ago! Today's elite ball handlers and playmakers are being praised for their skill sets, and Pistol Pete received none of it, even though, arguably, he was a tier above everyone that succeeded him -- Irving included.

We're talking about the time when dribbling was not evolved. So if we take all Kyrie's moves now, everything he does, and put them back in that time, 90% of what's being done is illegal. So the evolution and changing of the rules give the skillset, and he's maximized that skillset.

Gilbert Arenas, The No Chill Podcast

Most NBA fans would still say Irving is the most skilled individual in NBA history. But if you ask Agent Zero about it, he'd say this: 'it's either right now Kyrie or Pistol Pete.'

Judging by what he said before, it seems he'd even give an edge to Maravich over the Nets superstar. Can anyone blame him?

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