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Giannis Antetokounmpo’s new motivation: NBA GMs’ disrespect for the Bucks

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Every year, the general managers of each NBA team vote for their favorites to win individual awards as well as the championship. The results of the latter won't sit well with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Milwaukee Bucks only 3rd as favorites to win the title

The Brooklyn Nets top the GM survey with an overwhelming 72 percent votes while the Los Angeles Lakers stand second with 17 percent. The Bucks, meanwhile, are at a distant third with only 10 percent of the votes.

Last year’s survey also neglected the Bucks as title favorites. The Lakers got 81 percent of the votes while the Los Angeles Clippers placed second with 11 percent. But none of it mattered when the Bucks lifted the Larry O'Brien after beating the Suns in six games. This year's results could only serve as added fuel to motivate Giannis and other players to gun for a repeat. 

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Can the Bucks repeat this year?

The Phoenix Suns, protagonists of last year's Finals, also did not receive any votes. With a healthy Brooklyn Nets, Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and Clippers, the NBA GMs see a more challenging route for the Suns and the Bucks to repeat their feat last season. It’s up for Devin Booker or Antetokounmpo to prove that it was not a fluke.

Milwaukee has not signed any marquee names in the offseason, and the team even lost defensive ace, PJ Tucker. But fans should not worry. The Bucks experienced what playing at the highest level means. The games against the Suns, where the Bucks had to dig deep to overcome a 2-0 deficit, would only serve them well moving forward. The biggest advantage they have coming in the offseason is the mental edge and emotional maturity as reigning champs. 

The Bucks can still repeat this year, but they have to accept being the underdogs once again to sustain that drive and hunger to win more. Giannis can still repeat as a champion, and he has the right attitude in winning again, as reported in Basketball News. The snub from the NBA GM survey could only push him to elevate his performance to another level. And if you are any other team not named the Milwaukee Bucks, that's scary to hear. 

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