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Giannis Antetokounmpo knows he needs to be more skilled in order to help his team win an NBA championship


The Milwaukee Bucks were favorites to win the series against the Toronto Raptors, however, the lack of experience and adjustments in the right time, resulted in them losing the series in 6 games. After they won the first two games, nobody thought the Raptors are able to win four straight games in a row. 

One of the biggest adjustments the Raptors have made is that they turned Giannis into a shooter and if he decided to attack the basket, he would immediately double and even sometimes triple teamed by the opposing players. 

Giannis recently gave an interview in which he said he is still having nightmares from the all the double teams they were throwing at him during that series. He also recognized the fact he will need to learn more in order to influence those situations in a way that would benefit his team.

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“Now, every day in my head, I’m seeing Gasol double-team me. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. I’m not seeing anybody else. I don’t care who’s guarding me. Give me a name. Thaddeus Young. All I’m seeing is Kawhi, Gasol coming because I know that. When I get to that situation, it might not be them. It might be (Joel) Embiid. Ben Simmons guarding me, Embiid double- teaming, but that’s what I’m seeing now. That’s what I feel like I have to do better.”

“And, thank you. Thank you, because Gasol and Kawhi made me a better player. I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I’m being honest. They’re going to push me to be better. You gotta use this year as motivation. You cannot just come here and mope around.

One of the main reasons why Giannis is truly a remarkable player is a simple fact that he was able to observe and learn from the best opposing player in Kawhi Leonard. Giannis is fascinated by Kawhi's patience in certain situations and the way he is able to successfully operate in the mid-range area.

“I learned a lot of things watching Kawhi while the game was going on,” Like his patience. From the way he operates. He operates in the mid-range area. Did you saw that? He took the ball a step inside the three and faced up. And now he’s got everybody. He sees everybody coming, right? So, why was he doing that? You know why? Because he felt really comfortable in his mid-range game.

There shouldn't be any doubts that Giannis will come back even better and stronger as a player next season. In the last 2,3 years, he improved dramatically and even though he is a front runner in the MVP conversations this season, there are still aspects of his game that need to be more polished. If he develops a more consistent jump shot this summer, every single NBA team will be in a whole lot of trouble when facing Giannis next season.

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