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Giannis Antetokounmpo ignored at a Milwaukee Mexican Restaurant after a Bucks win.


Seems like Giannis Antetokounmpo still hasn't earned enough respect in Milwaukee.

After a huge Bucks win this afternoon, Giannis decided to celebrate the win with his girlfriend at a local Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee called Bel Air Cantina. According to this tweet along with many other accounts, verified by beat reporters, Giannis waited for about 10 minutes at the restaurant to be seated but no one came to seat him and he quietly left. In fact, fans who were in the restaurant recognized him, saw that he was waiting to be seated, and called the staff members to come to serve him, but no one came to help our poor superstar.

After Giannis left, cops had to come after an argument between a fan and a staff member over the restaurant not helping Giannis in time. The restaurant has since apologized on twitter here but fans are still mad at the fact that there were literally tables open at the restaurant and he didn't get properly treated.

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Man, this is an embarrassment to the entire city of Milwaukee. Everyone in Wisconsin should at least know about Giannis and how special he is.

Via r/NBA @thebuckszone

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