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Facundo Campazzo with an interesting comparison between NBA and European basketball


Facundo Campazzo is still aclimating to the NBA. Even though he came from Europe last summer, Denver Nuggets guard still has some learning to do, especially in the playoffs.
As Campazzo says, there are many differences between playing in Europe and the NBA. The critical difference is the way games are played in the regular season and the postseason.

"With the first round already finished, the feeling I have now when it comes to comparisons with other is that you are used to best-of-five or best-of-three series in Argentina and Europe. And when you find yourself already starting with seven games it's like feeling it's long and it forces you to always give your best. It doesn't give you room to relax for a minute. There's only one day between games and two when you travel. It's like there's no time to think about anything other than the series. Your head is working 24/7 and it seems like it's always like that.

Facundo Campazzo, via

So, it's still tough for the Nuggets' player to compete in the NBA playoffs, although he recorded playoff appearances in Euroleague and the Spanish ACB League. He admits that in the NBA, the attention to detail is unbelievable.

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"Everything is much more tactical. They gave us a book with a large number of pages which explains each player's tendencies, the plays he makes, a deep analysis of the opponent. A player is studied during the season but it's all more detailed in the playoffs. They analyze from which side he likes to go outside, how he likes to express himself offense. In defense, you also have to know in which kind of play he's more potent. You have to study that and when you go to see the scouting video, the assistant asks you questions to find out if you've been working on the material they give you. And you have to take all of that on the court later. That's something new for me."

Facundo Campazzo, via

Maybe it is all new for him, but he has taken his game to the next level in the postseason. Campazzo averaged 6.1 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 3.6 assists per game during the regular season, but he averages 9.1 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 4.9 assists in his eight playoff games.
It would be beneficial for the Nuggets if Facu can step up his game even more because they need every extra help they can get against the Suns.

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