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Expansion? Montreal looking to acquire an NBA team in the future

Investors from Quebec want to start a new NBA franchise in Montreal. However, the league currently has no interest in another team.

"Although the NBA and its commissioner have made it clear to us they currently have no plans to expand the league, we have taken the decision to prepare for when expansion does take place because we believe it will take place," Michael Fortier said at a press conference Wednesday, according to Global's Kalina Laframboise.

The press conference took place following the Toronto Raptors game against the Brooklyn Nets. As part of the preseason, the teams dueled in the Bell Center in Montreal. Superstar Kawhi Leonard's team defeated the Brooklyn Nets 118-91 Wednesday night.

Montreal is one of the 20 most popular cities in North America, but has only had one "big four" pro sports team since its MLB team, the Montreal Expos left in 2004. The city is seeking expansion into one of the leagues. The Montreal Canadiens of the NHL are the only team from one of the four top leagues.

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The last time the NBA expanded was in 2004, when the Charlotte Bobcats, who later became the Hornets, joined the league. The NBA currently has 30 teams, 15 in each of the Eastern and Western Conferences. If it decides to expand and wants to maintain a geographical balance, it would have to add a team in each conference.

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