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EMOTIONAL ROBERT HORRY EXPLAINS the fear of being a black father in the US


The recent events of police officers using unnecessary force and killing innocent people sparked a lot of controversy in the entire US. The NBA community and its players are also the ones who immediately shared their concerns, which ended up in boycotting the remainder of the playoff games that were supposed to take place.

Former NBA player and 7-time champion Robert Horry made a guest appearance on the Spectrum Sportsnet show to talk about the main issues he has with everything that has recently been going on in the country. Horry is afraid for his children and believes that it's not safe from them to be outside because of their skin color.

It's hard to tell your seven-year-old son that I worry about him when he walks out of that door. I have a 21-year-old son, and I worry about him because black men are endangered species right now. These cops are killing because they feel if they don't have their body cams on, they have a right. I tell my kids all the time that it doesn't matter what happens as long as you come home to me. If you have to lay down on the ground and they can kick you, beat you, at least you go to the hospital, and you can come home to me.

Robert Horry, via Spectrum Sportsnet

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With all the shootings that are happening predominantly against African Americans and other minorities in the US, Horry gave a piece of advice to his children. As a parent, it's up to him to educate his kids by saying they shouldn't let their rage out because that usually leads to all these problems. He also made a very controversial but understandable proclamation that he would end someone's life if he found out they assaulted his kids.

Whatever they say, don't take it upon yourself to let that rage you have against that cop come out because he has a gun. He can end you, and I don't want him to end you because if he ends you, that means I will end him, and I know that is wrong for me to say.

Robert Horry, via Spectrum Sportsnet

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