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Dwyane Wade talks about how the game of basketball evolved and players became more creative than before

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Dwyane Wade recently hosted on the All The Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, where he discussed several things about his career, the NBA and life in general. One of the topics they touched upon is the way the game evolved ever since they entered the NBA and how it's played today. All of them started playing at the beginning of the '00s, and Wade is not like one of those old-school players who think the game should be played the same way he played.

Wade believes the younger generation of players has more freedom and is more creative than the players that came before them. The rules in the NBA also changed quite a bit in the last decade, which affects the strategy the teams will have to adapt.

"It changed multiple times throughout my career. I'm not one of those guys that feel they need to play the way we played. The world changes, and you have to evolve with it. The game has evolved, the rules have changed, and it allowed guys to have more freedom, to be more creative."

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Wade thinks young players should have an opportunity to create their own story and that the media and other NBA fans and analysts shouldn't be so judgemental on the way they are doing it by comparing them to an older generation of players.

"You see a guy like James, the numbers he is putting up. It's not something that the guys haven't done, Kobe put on a string like that, MJ as well. It doesn't matter what the style was. I just feel like allowing them to be them, allow them to create their own portrait. They have a blank canvas and let them create the story that will be in their generation. I love it and support it."

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