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Dwyane Wade shares why Michael Jordan will forever be his GOAT

For Dwyane Wade there is no doubt who is still the GOAT of the NBA
Wade breaks downy why Michael Jordan is still his GOAT

Wade breaks downy why Michael Jordan is still his GOAT

Former NBA player and one of the greatest guards in league history, Dwyane Wade, made an appearance on the 'I Am Athlete' in which he discussed multiple things from his illustrious career. 

Wade has a lot of respect for LeBron

Wade touched upon the most heated debate on who is the GOAT, and despite being great friends with LeBron James, Wade still believes Michael Jordan is the best player in NBA history. Nevertheless, Wade has a lot of respect for everything LeBron is doing in the NBA, showcasing he is still one of the best and most dominant players in the league, even at 37.

LeBron is one of my good friends; I have so much respect for what he's doing now, what he's done, and what he will eventually do. It will definitely be an argument that needs to be had.

Dwyane Wade, via I Am Athlete

Even though Jordan is, in his opinion, the GOAT, Wade believes LeBron still has a chance if he wins one or two more championships. LeBron's consistency and ability to impact the game on so many levels is what might eventually make him the GOAT.

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"If LeBron ends up the number scorer of all-time, top five in assists and top five rebounds, with four, five, or six championships, you can't do nothing but have the conversation of who is the GOAT."

Dwyane Wade, via I Am Athlete

MJ will forever be his GOAT

As a Chicago native, Wade's biggest idol growing up was Jordan, who was the main reason Wade started playing basketball in the first place. That type of impact is hard to neglect, and just like Wade said, the GOAT debate is always based on personal preferences about specific players.

"I come from the Jordan era, so I'm biased. Michael Jordan will always be my GOAT… I played basketball because of Michael Jordan… All of us have our own individual opinion."

Dwyane Wade, via I Am Athlete

Younger generations of NBA fans probably have more admiration for LeBron than some other older NBA legends, simply because they grew up watching him play. Wade completely understands that logic because, for him, it was Jordan that impacted his life early on and inspired him by making him believe he could do the same.

"LeBron is going to be the GOAT for a lot of generations… [Jordan] will be my GOAT… I made it out of the hood because I've seen a dude, number 23 play the game of basketball at a level where I was like I want to do some of that."

Dwyane Wade, via I Am Athlete

LeBron is still building his legacy, performing on a level we have rarely seen from a player that has so much mileage in his body. Unfortunately, the Lakers are struggling and are not looking like a championship contender with slim chances of making it into the playoffs. However, LeBron is making a case for himself as the best player in the league, with a good chance of being the leading scorer at end of this season. Individual accomplishments don't mean much when you are chasing for a championship; however, they certainly showcase someone's consistency and dominance in the game, which LeBron certainly still has, just like Jordan did when he was still playing in the NBA. 


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