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After he recently announced he is retiring from the NBA after 22 years, both former and current players paid their respect for Vince Carter and everything he accomplished. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Carter inspired numerous basketball players with all the incredible things he did on the basketball court. At the beginning of the 2000s, Carter was probably one of the most popular basketball players on the planet and one of the NBA's best guards.

Dwyane Wade, who also retired from the NBA last season, talked about Carter's impact on him, especially during his college days at Marquette. In a recent interview with the NBA crew on TNT, Vince Carter spoke about his journey in the NBA and all of his accomplishments. His impact on the game is apparent, and Wade is the one who remembered all the great moments' Carter had in his career and how they inspired Wade to do the same.

Wade remembers his college days explicitly when he had the opportunity to see Carter play against the Milwaukee Bucks when he was still playing for the Toronto Raptors. Wade would sneak into the arena earlier because he knew the security guards there so he would be able to see the games for free.

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So it's 2000/01, and I'm at Marquette University, and I'm red shirtin, sitting out. My team went on the road, and the Milwaukee Bucks were playing the Toronto Raptors. I didn't have a ticket for the game, but I decided to go to the arena in hopes that the security would let me in. They did, they let me in, and I was sitting there with the retired jerseys, really high up.

Dwyane Wade, via NBA on TNT

Apart from his longevity, Carter will be remembered as one of the greatest dunkers the game has ever seen. That was the main reason Wade would come to the arena earlier because he was aware Carter would put on a jaw-dropping dunk show during his warmups. On top of that, Wade saw Carter do chin-ups before the game, which inspired him to have the same routine before his games, but with a slight adjustment.

But I got there early because Vince Carter was famous for his pregame workouts. So before the game started, Vince Carter would put on a dunk show, and I'm talking about all the dunk contest dunks Vince Carter would do. One of my favorite things you did before the game started, you always grabbed the net and, lifted himself up and do chin-ups on the net. And anybody who knows me, you know before every game I would grab the rim and do chin-ups on the rim. It all started from being that young kid see one of his favorite players do some amazing, amazing things.

Dwyane Wade, via NBA on TNT

You can imagine what kind of impact Carter had when someone like Dwyane Wade, came to his game earlier to have a glimpse of what most people only saw on tv. During his prime years, Carter was probably one of the most electrifying players in the NBA, capable of dropping 25 points against any team while throwing down monstrous dunks with incredible grace and ease. That will always stay connected with Vince Carter's name, who is still, to this day, considered the best dunker in NBA history.

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