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Dwyane Wade on the modern NBA: "There's no such thing as traveling"

Dwyane Wade

Wade talks about the travelling calls in the NBA

When we say "modern basketball," the first thing that may come to mind are the long-range distance bombs not just from guards but from centers as well. Some say this is a bad thing, while others say this is how the game evolved, and we live in a shooting-oriented era. 

Another thing that comes to mind when we say "modern basketball" is the ton of uncalled traveling violations almost every game. Everyone agrees that this is the most irritating thing in today's game. We've seen superstars take more than three steps before a slam dunk. Fans have made videos showing how a player changed his pivot foot several times in front of a referee without being called for a violation. Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade chimed in on the matter. From his point of view, fans' observations are correct. There's no such thing as traveling in today's league. 

"As a fan watching the game. You can call a traveling on almost every play in the NBA. It's all dependent on the referees and players' seniority in the league. If you're a veteran in the NBA, you don't get travels called. If you're a rookie in the NBA, you're going to get that whistle a lot," Wade said, WIRED.

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It's an interesting comment by Wade. Since the NBA is considered the best basketball league in the world, you can assume that players and referees have an immense mastery of the sport's fundamentals. For players, it means watching your footwork. For referees, it means making the right call — it doesn't matter if he's a 19-year-old rookie you're seeing for the first time or a 10-year veteran.

To be fair with the league, it has made an effort to tweak its rules. This season, the NBA implemented its new shooting foul rules. It has received ample praise. Analysts believe that it'll make the game better. The next question is, when will the NBA get rid of preferential treatment for its stars and veterans?

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