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Dwyane Wade calls Anthony Davis 'LeBron's best teammate ever'


Over his 17-year run in the NBA, LeBron James has played with a lot of teammates - 173 to be exact. Eight of them - Shaquille O'Neal, Joe Smith, Andrew Bogut, Greg OdenDerrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis - were top picks in their drafts. But who is the best guy to play alongside LeBron? According to Dwyane Wade, that's not even a question.

This is coming from a guy who's a runner up for this title, as D-Wade had no problems of handing it to LeBron's current Robin in Anthony Davis. Let's not get it twisted - this isn't about is AD better than Dwyane Wade all-time. It isn't even about who of the two is better at the peak of their powers. This is solely about who is the better fit next to LeBron James, and out of all the superstar players he had surrounded himself with, Davis belongs on the top of the list.

Wade and LBJ weren't a seamless basketball fit but were able to make it work because they were so great. LeBron and AD are, as their games complement each other perfectly. They've immediately become the best pairing in the association and after their championship run in the bubble, James and Davis have only solidified that title.

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Whether it's playing in a pick-and-roll, running in transition, spreading the floor, or playing the in-and-out game, LeBron and AD both have the skillsets to do it all, without their games overlapping. Wade's lack of shooting forced both him and LBJ to make adjustments, which put a cap on what each of them individually can do while on the floor together.

With the Lakers' duo, it's none of that. Both AD and James are showcasing their talents in full, and the same couldn't be said about the Heat's pairing from the '10s. That's why Anthony Davis is the best teammate LeBron James ever had, and Dwyane Wade is a man enough to admit it.

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