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Dwight is back!!


Guess who's back, back again! Dwight Howard was released by the Grizzlies and will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers to fill in for Boogie Cousins. Seven years after playing for the Lakers in '12/'13, under much different circumstances. A contract tells you a lot about a player, and Dwight's contract is rare, and most of all was never signed by a player of his reputation.

From a dominant defensive center in Orlando to signing a contract players like Anthony Bennet have signed. Even the biggest Howard sceptics wouldn't have predicted this career trajectory for him. Two things marked Howard's career. Misunderstanding his role on offense and his locker room presence. Dwight became one of the league's best defensive centers and was a pick and roll monster on the offensive end. Just set screens and dunk the ball.

But, with his move to the Lakers in 2012, he wanted a more prominent role in the offense. For some reason, he envisioned himself as the next Hakeem, while he is the complete opposite. Hakeem had flow and footwork, Dwight had none. This insistence on being featured as a low-post player eventually turned him into a journeyman.

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Well, that and his off court antics. Howard is considered cheesy and annoying by almost every locker room he's ever been a part of. Never mean-spirited, but his teenage-level sense of humor wasn't really benefitial to develop chemistry with his team. The Lakers will give him the benefit of a doubt he has changed.

If you are a Lakers fan, why should you believe he's changed from his days in Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte or Washington? First of all, LeBron and AD are on your team. They don't need Howard. Secondly, the contract. This is a low-risk move from a cap standpoint and Dwight knows he could literally be cut from the team any day without significant impact on their flexibility. It seems the Lakers have done their due-dillgence on this one. Dwight had to come in, prove his back are OK and that he has lost some weight as well.

If there as ever a time to believe he might just play the way he always should've, it could be now. The question is, will his body be able to hold up?

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