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Dwight Howard had to throw in a joke about Ben Simmons in his message to Philly


Dwight Howard is leaving the Philadelphia 76ers but before joining the L.A. Lakers, Howard posted an emotional thank you to Philadelphia. Dwight being Dwight, he couldn't help himself and threw in a funny dig aimed at Ben Simmons at the end of his mesage. 

Howard’s tips for shooting

It’s no secret that Ben Simmons struggles shooting from anywhere from the floor. It’s one thing that stops him from elevating his game to the next level. The problem is obviously mental, as Simmons showed flashes of decent shooting, yet the Australian player refuses to even try and shoot. If Dwight Howard was his coach, they would start with the most basic drill. 

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“Thank you to the city of BROTHERLY LOVE. PHILADELPHIA. 🏆🏆🏆. Imma miss my frosty chants with the crowd.😭😭. To my brothers. This year we came up short. But we had an amazing season. Thank you to the entire 76er staff. We will always be family. And Ben. Bend ya kneeeesss 😂😂😂😂. #iwantmyparadedammit”

Dwight Howard IG

This is probably a running joke the 76ers had trying to make light of all the criticism Simmons faced through his career, and particularly this offseason. All shooters say the shot stars with your legs, and is often underappreciated when talking about proper shooting mechanics. While it may be a part of Simmons' problem, it's not the biggest issue to adress. What made the post even funnier is the fact that out of all people, Dwight Howard was giving Simmons shooting tips.

The former defensive player of the year is another horrific free-throw shooter. But, unlike his former teammate, Howard improves his shooting when it matter - especially in the Playoffs. In the 2020-21 season, he shot 58% in the regular season and improved to 60% in the postseason. Meanwhile, Simmons was above 60% freebie shooter in the regular season but plummeted his percentages to below 35% in the playoffs. 

The Australian skipped the Olympics to improve his shooting, but reports claim the 76ers had problems getting in touch with Simmons. The only one who can help him now is himself, but Ben needs to acknowledge there is a problem. If he does that, Howard will surely pick up the phone anytime Simmons needs adivce prom someone who understands shooting struggles.

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