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Dwight Howard is being sued by two women he hired to take care of his giant snake


Dwight Howard's snakes seem to have gotten him in trouble. According to TMZ, Armica Nabaa, and Kamisha Shelman - former employees of Howard -filed a lawsuit against the newly signed Sixers center for allegedly neglecting to pay them for their services.

Dwight hired Nabaa and Shelman in December '18 to provide personal management services and handle his business affairs and administrative tasks. But as time went on, the '20 NBA champion had them doing much more than originally arranged, as he reportedly "fired his groundskeeper, butler, and maid -- the people who run his 35,000 square foot home -- forcing the women to pick up the slack."

The picking up the slack part included the two becoming personal caregivers for Howard's exotic snake collection, similar to one shown on Animal Planet's "Tanked" in '15, and is "comprised of a number of large snakes including one named Cleopatra -- a constrictor that can grow to a final length of 25 feet and over 200 pounds."

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The problem occurred when Howard fired Nabaa and Shelman without warning in January '20 while still owing them reimbursement for their work. The women are now seeking $50,000 in unpaid wages, plus other fees and damages derived from their employment relationship with a 3x Defensive Player of The Year.

Nabaa even went as far as to say that she helped revive Howard's NBA career, "using her network and contacts to connect Mr. Howard with individuals that resulted in his lucrative and unexpected contract with the Los Angeles Lakers." She even said Dwight gave her credit for it during an interview on National TV.

A 35-year-old veteran is yet to give his comments on the whole situation, and explain if his giant snake got him in trouble.

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