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"During the 80s, Draymond would have gotten knocked the f**k out!"-Cedric Maxwell speaks out on Draymond Green's antics

Draymond is getting on people's nerves as usual.
Draymond Green and Cedric Maxwell

Draymond Green and Cedric Maxwell

The Golden State Warriors are back in the Finals after a few years, and naturally, Draymond Green has been all up in the headlines. From on-court stuff like altercations, dirty plays, and trash-talking to off-court statements, Green has made a lot of people angry, most notably Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell.

Old-school versus new-school

Cedric Maxwell has one of the most unique careers ever, spending most of his 11-year career with the Boston Celtics. He would win two championships and even one Finals MVP, despite never even being an All-Star in his career. The small forward was a great starter/role player, averaging 12.5 ppg, 6.3 rpg, and 2.2 apg for his career, but his 1981 Finals performance immortalized him amongst the Celtics fans.

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Maxwell has remained a Celtics fan to this day, and he is closely monitoring this year's Finals versus the Warriors. So all the antics involving Draymond Green and primarily his altercation with Jaylen Brown have rubbed Maxwell the wrong way, as he went off on Draymond.

"I'm gonna be as clear as I can. That s**t Draymond Green was doing, during the 80s he would have gotten knocked the f**k out."

Cedric Maxwell, CLNS Media

Fake tough guy

It's the classic old-head approach of veteran players thinking all the "tough" guys from the modern NBA couldn't hang with the physicality of the 80s or 90s era. We have heard multiple players from that era call out Draymond for being a fake tough guy that couldn't really bully opponents and do all the shenanigans back then. Gary Payton, who was talking with Maxwell on the podcast, agreed 100% with that take.

Draymond Green, who came into the NBA as the 35th pick, plays the game with more emotion than probably anybody in the league, and sometimes that brings out the dirty side in him, often getting on the bad side of opposing players and fans. All the arrogance, trash-talking, dirty play, moving screens, barking at refs, and much more just give him a bad reputation.

But Draymond was quick to respond to this harsh call out from Maxwell, as he shared an interesting approach to the old-school versus new-school debate.

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