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DRAYMOND PICKS LAKERS TO WIN IT ALL, DECLARES LEBRON “the most disciplined player we’ve ever seen”


Draymond Green continues his praise of LeBron James. Last week, he called him „arguably the greatest player of all-time.“ As it turns out, LeBron worship carries on.

Green's season is over. The Warriors finished the year with the worst record, winning only 15 games. It has turned the NBA world upside down, as what was the NBA dynasty up until this year, is now hoping for obtaining the first pick in the ’20 NBA Draft. That's the beauty of the Association. It's completely unforeseeable. A lot more teams have a path to the title than ever before — in case you feel lucky, JohnnyBet-NJ can help you in finding the best promo offer on the betting market.

It'll be a long break for Draymond. It's a matter of months before he participates in a competitive NBA game. So what better way to use that time than adequately prepare for next season. Green is ready for a comeback year. He's ready to prove the doubters wrong.

Until then, Dray is using his time to engage with basketball talk on various platforms. Last such appearance was on ESPN when Green discussed the NBA season comeback with Jalen Rose and David Jacoby. When the season had started, the Clippers were Green's pick to win it all. It was their depth that had Draymond sure they would be the one lifting the Larry O'Brien when it's all set and done.

The Clippers check all the boxes; they can match up with any team well. They have everything that you need to win a championship.

Draymond Green, ESPN

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Additions of Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson made the Clippers even deeper. However, it did require an adjustment period, as the team may have been too deep. Say what you want, but acquiring such talents wasn't a necessity for the Clippers. It was more on the trail of injury insurance, especially with Jackson. Inserting them into the rotation hasn't been easy, but Doc has found the way to make it work.

Using Draymond's logic, adding two new rotational pieces would've made the Clippers even a bigger favorite to win the championship. But the extreme conditions NBA is set to resume in overweight Clippers' roster construction, at least according to Green. The ability to adjust to it will be a crucial one, and Dray sees one player as the one with a considerable advantage over others.

I think to go into this bubble, the Lakers got to be the favorite because they got LeBron James, and he can kind of adjust to anything. And I think he’s probably the most disciplined player we’ve ever seen in the NBA, and that’s going to matter going into this bubble. Having LeBron on your team going into this bubble gives you a slight advantage.

Draymond Green, ESPN

I see where Draymond is coming from. Not playing competitive basketball for months, and coming back will be a challenge. That's when a guy like LeBron comes to play. Having a James-like a leader on your roster will single-handedly win you few games. In Draymond's eyes, that alone is enough for him to change his pick. In my, it's not. I'm sticking with the Clippers.

As far as LeBron being the “most disciplined player we’ve ever seen, “it’s hard to argue against it. Look at the guy’s durability and longevity. They’re unmatched. The context of it can be discussed. If players 20-30 years ago had the same conditions LeBron has, he might’ve had someone to challenge him for that title.

It's another made-up category LeBron is on top of. As I said, it makes sense to declare him the most disciplined ever, but what's the point? It doesn't do anything to his legacy. Another title would've. I bet that's all James is focused on.

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